How to turn your shed into an art space

No one knows better than Shed Boss that your shed can be anything you want it to be. From a fine wine cellar, right through to a writing retreat or even a barn, there are few things in life more versatile than a custom-designed shed.

Smart arty

As a budding artist, or a professional one, you'll understand the necessity of having a space to yourself when creating your masterpieces. Whether you're a painter, sculptor or practitioner of any of the other arts, a place to practice, think and work is essential – and there is nowhere better than your very own art shed!

Read on to find out how to create the perfect art studio from a custom-designed shed – paintbrush at the ready!

Space, man

It would be no good designing an art studio on the Shed Boss app, only for you to create a space that doesn't fit your needs. As an artist, you need to be comfortable to produce your best work and to stay focused. This means ensuring that you have enough space, and how much you'll needs depends upon the style of of art you practice.

Whether you're a painter, sculptor or practitioner of any of the other arts, a place to practice, think and work is essential.

For example, if you paint portraits with delicate brushes and a small palette, your space need not be as large as it is for someone building a large metal sculpture. Even so, it's always worth allowing yourself those extra few metres of space for a little more room, so plan accordingly.

Culture needs comfort

We've already talked a little bit about how being comfortable in your new art shed is of high importance, but that doesn't simply stop at space. No one can work to their very best potential when sweltering in the hot Australian sun or freezing to their bones during the depths of winter, so it's vital that you ensure your art space is fully equipped to combat the weather outside.

Radiators, windows, ventilation and ceiling fans can all ensure that your time painting, sculpting and creating is done in the most comfortable fashion possible. At Shed Boss, we can arrange for plumbers, electricians and other tradies to carry out such work on your shed, so that it's ready for use from the moment we hand you the keys – whatever the weather!

No artist can work without a little inspiration, and as beautiful as our sheds are, they may not get your creative juices flowing as much as you'd like. With this in mind, why not adorn the walls of your art shed with other artworks (either your own or otherwise), drawings, inspirational quotes – anything you fancy! What's most important, though, is that your are comfortable in your own surroundings, and that you enjoy being in there – this will help your productivity.

An art shed is the perfect place to perfect your painting.

An art shed is the perfect place to perfect your painting.

Plan by me

An art space doesn't simply consist of an easel or a base to stand your next avant-garde sculpture on. There is a great deal of equipment behind every great artwork, including brushes, easels, paints, palettes and and a myriad of other materials. Additionally, you'll also need sufficient space to store your completed artworks, and anything else you'd like to keep close by in your studio.

Of course, your art shed doesn't have to have neatness on a par with Buckingham Palace – you'll be creating masterpieces with paint, after all. When you're out and about hunting for furniture, shelving and whatever else you think that your studio will need, there's little reason to go expensive. A second-hand store or used goods website will often throw up everything you need for a bargain price.

Okay, so the table you buy may not be finest mahogany, but it will soon be splashed with paint, glue and a myriad of other substance as time goes on. You don't want to be worried about expensive furniture when you're creating, so bargain basement is best!

Be sure to get in touch with the team at Shed Boss Fleurieu to find out what we can do for you.

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