How we go beyond the shed

Building a custom designed shed with us doesn't just have to be specifically for work storage purposes – although the combination of formidable Morinda™ bracketry and efficient craftsmanship means it is very effective for this.

From a commercial space to a rural cafe, Shed Boss buildings are able to be used in a variety of ways. And when you set up your shed for multiple purposes, there are several things that may need to be organised outside of the shed construction itself. Here is how we continue to help you with this once the four walls have gone up.

Paperwork in a pinch

Building a shed is likely to require Council Development Approval before construction. In the cases where these are necessary, Shed Boss Fleurieu can take care of the complete project, which will cut down the work on your end and organise these processes for you, providing you with ease of mind and a shed that meets all specifications.

Water works

Often, it can be extremely beneficial to have plumbing hooked up to your shed. You could install a bathroom area, have fresh water on tap in the shed, or just have lines available for easy cleaning processes. Whatever the reason, Shed Boss Fleurieu can work with local plumbers to fit your product out with all you need to get those flows going.

Plugging in

The same principle applies to the electricity. If you want your shed hooked up to the grid, be it for night-lighting or to run any number of appliances, we can help arrange this. It certainly makes for a bright future for your custom designed shed.

Whatever the purpose of your custom build, the locals at Shed Boss Fleurieu will work to your specifications and deliver exactly what you need – with strength, efficiency and quality.

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