Keeping wood dry in your custom designed shed

Whether you are involved in building on a commercial level, as a DIY project or simply want to start stocking up on firewood for the winter months ahead, there are many precautions you have to take. Termites, borers, fungal rot and fire can all pose a threat to your wood, so it's a good idea to keep it as dry and safe as possible.

Building a custom designed shed can be a fantastic way of doing this, as our products offer sublime protection against the elements. Let's take a look at the factors that can affect your wood if it isn't kept dry.

Bugged by borers

Borers come in many different breeds. Some, like the pinhole variety, only attack standing trees. Powderpost beetles generally only infest themselves in sapwood, which is in restricted supply for both NSW and Queensland. However, there can be a chance of furniture beetles or European house borers being found in wood.

These critters will lay eggs within your wood, and when the adults come of age they tunnel their way out and head off to lay more eggs elsewhere, leaving tiny holes in your timber. While many breeds are quite innocuous, you can end up in a situation where destruction is caused to your timber, making it weaker.

While borers can be treated with chemicals, keeping wood nice and dry can be a good way of preventing some borer attacks. Constructing a customised shed or garage with Shed Boss Fleurieu is a great way of creating a dry space to store your timber, and you can tweak the size and add-ons as you see fit. If you want windows, or perhaps are after extra insulation for warmth, we can adjust this for exactly what you need.

Fungal rot

This is a common blight upon wood of many types and, as with borers, can be addressed by keeping wood nice and dry. Fungi generally won't take root in wood unless it has moisture levels of 20 per cent or higher, but during winter months this can become a problem – especially if you are trying to store wood in open areas.

Some fungicides can address this, but as always, prevention is the best kind of cure. Keeping a shed well ventilated and dry is an excellent way of monitoring moisture in the air.

Keeping your shed dry

The concrete foundations and strong COLORBOND® steel on Shed Boss buildings means your custom designed barn or other construct is built strong and built right. This means protection from the sun, wind, rain and other elements that can impact the quality of the wood you wish to store. A Forest Products Laboratory paper from 2012 noted that built right, a wood construct can last indefinitely. This means keeping your timber dry and safe from the get-go, well before it is used for any kind of construction.

And as for firewood storage, our patented Morinda™ Knee Bracket Joint system is just one of many features that ensures our sheds last in the long term. This gives you enduring protection for your woods products that can keep them dry and usable for many years to come.

Make sure to check out the Shed Boss App to customise your own shed design, then come and talk to use about how to make it a reality.

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