Evaluating the land you plan to build on

Where you build can be just as important as what you build

A piece of land may look like the perfect location for a custom designed shed, but there are plenty of potential pitfalls hidden from the naked eye.

Potential problems

Perhaps the easiest problem to spot is sloping. A sloping site can cause a number of problems for construction, and can make building next to impossible if it interferes with foundation too much.

Soil type is another important issue, but less readily apparent.

Water is also a potential problem to be on the lookout for. Surface water can cause soil erosion and lead to flooding, while subsurface water can wreak havoc on septic systems.

However, land issues go well beyond nature's hurdles.

Building restrictions

Even if you plan on constructing a custom designed shed on your own property, it's essential to obtain the proper Council development approval.

For instance, perhaps the land you've chosen features special building conditions or covenants. If it has a strata title, there will no doubt be certain restrictions placed on it.

If you don't first receive development approval from your local Council, you could face steep penalties and see your project torn down.

Fortunately, Shed Boss Fleurieu can assist you in not only making sure the land you wish to build on meets site requirements, we can also help you obtain all the proper permits.

We take pride in ensuring our clients' building projects suit their site and are completed in accordance with local regulations.

It's part of our commitment to building strong and building right.

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