Maintenance tips for your shed

Once you go through the process of planning a custom shed, designing it with the new ShedMaker app, you can come and speak to the team at Shed Boss Fleurieu for a quote. After that, hopefully we get the opportunity to build your dream garage, barn, workshop or other construction and see your dreams come to life. With so many uses for sheds, we have a wide range of customers and projects on the go at all times.

But once we complete a project, it's time for you to take over and start using your shed as you want to! Whether it's as a rural office, play room for the kids (or yourself!) or for keeping stock and vehicles, it's up to you. But it's important to keep your shed clean, and here are some pointers on maintaining your great construction in the months and years to come.

Keep it ventilated

We all know how temperamental the Australian weather can be, with scorching highs and cold, cold lows throughout the year. To keep the temperature in your shed regulated, we hope you decided to include appropriate extras, like windows for ventilation or perhaps some insulation.

By keeping your ventilation systems clean and clear, you can ensure a constant flow of fresh air throughout your construction. This can keep moisture levels inside nice and low, as well as mitigating the heat of the summer. Don't let your ventilation get clogged up or you might find you feel a bit clogged by the heat or moisture yourself!

Check the roof

While we use Bluescope trademarked COLORBOND™ steel in our sheds and roofs which comes with a 15 year warranty against the natural elements, it doesn't hurt to check up on the roof every now and then. Clearing away debris after storms, scrubbing off any mould that might accumulate under certain conditions, and even a fresh paint job in the long term can all be great ways of keeping your shed fresh and clean.

Keep the inside tidy

Your shed, your castle – so make sure to keep it clean! That means regular sweeping, waterblasting of concrete floors, and organisation of tools if you are running a workshop. This last part is especially important if you have children or lots of staff around, as keeping an inventory of tools is a great way to make sure nothing goes missing.

This is also important if your shed is housing petrol or other dangerous chemicals. Make sure tanks are out of reach, and check seals for leaks regularly. By doing this, you'll also save time by not having to clean leaks down the line.

Watch out for vermin

Sometimes, even the cleanest of sheds or barns can be undone by an infestation of vermin. By planting traps around, you can avoid this before it even happens, and enjoy all your shed has to offer without mice interrupting your space.

There is a huge range of tasks you can undertake to keep your shed clean, and they will change depending on what you are using your shed for. For example, if you are housing livestock in your shed, then it's pretty likely you will have some rather unsavoury cleaning to do on the regular/

Moreover, if you're using your shed to house vehicles, there will be tyre tracks that need to be water blasted from time to time to keep your shed clean.

To find out more about what types of sheds you can build, as well as how to get the most out of yours, talk to Shed Boss Fleurieu today. We'll build it strong and build it right.

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