Managing noise in your custom designed shed

When you have a custom designed shed or garage, it can sometimes feel like your own personal playground. Whether you're using it for a fun summer project or as a maintenance workshop, it's not hard to get lost in your activities. And before you know it, you have noise control knocking at your roller door asking you to stop what you're doing as it's too loud!

In some states, noise from power tools is not allowed to be audible to neighbours between 7pm and 7am normally, with this period extending until 8am on Sundays and public holidays. Failure to do this could get you in trouble! And for many people with a busy 9-5 lifestyle, conducting activities in your shed that might cause noise can sometimes only be done at night. With this in mind, let's look at some easy ways to cut down the noise levels in your custom designed shed or garage.

Going wall to wall

Now that we are done with Christmas, there is no need to deck the halls – or the walls. Instead, you can try padding them out to reduce noise. Windows are a point where a lot of noise can escape your shed, so when you design your garage in the Shed Boss App, you might want to omit this feature if you're creating a space to be noisy.

Insulation within the walls of your shed might be handy for minimising audible sounds from within. Another method is getting insulation foam, or even old mattresses! These can be used to line the walls of a shed an absorb a lot of sound. This can affect the indoor temperature, so make sure to get appropriate ventilation if you are planning on lining the walls of your shed.

Check your equipment

We know the old saying goes that you can't blame the tools, you can blame the worker. But in the case of cutting down noise, you might actually be able to point the finger at your equipment. We suggest monitoring the condition of your tools and keeping them in good nick, as equipment in poorer condition can actually make more noise than usual.

Additionally, you could consider modifying your equipment – but make sure you consult an expert before you go about putting a muzzle on a power drill!

Location, location, location

We don't mean move house by this – but perhaps consider the location of your shed! If you want to create a custom designed workshop with Shed Boss, you get the advantage of working with a team that cater to your specific landscape and situation. If you want to be using tools, or perhaps your kids want to bang on a drum kit, we can look at your land and determine the appropriate space on your land for this.

If you have a larger area, we might be able to position your shed in such a way that minimises noise, meaning you don't need to undertake other measures.

Remember that every state has slightly different hours during which you can emit noise from your home. Check with your local council or state government to scrub up on these laws, and work accordingly. When you need to line walls, or build a custom designed shed that allows you to perform noisy tasks outside these hours, make sure to talk to Shed Boss.


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