Minimising hazards in your shed

If you have used Shed Boss to create a custom-built workplace shed, chances are you'll need to prepare a lot of safety measures for the day-to-day operation of the area. Whether you're conducting metalwork or using dangerous chemicals, there can be many hazards from within and without the shed – here are some factors that we can help to protect against.

Awning awareness

When you're working in the regional areas of South Australia, temperatures can rise quite high and should be addressed with a suitable cooling off spot for workers. By providing your work space with a Shed Boss Garaport, you'll be able to cool off in the breeze without getting done in the sun.

Managing the mechanical

Many workplaces contain heavy duty equipment that doesn't just require careful operation, but also safety barriers. Whether it is a conveyor belt or a sawmill, by installing safety barriers you will greatly improve safety in your shed. You could also install a smaller cage around presses that are no longer in use, ensuring safety both in and out of operation.

Emergency plans

This is a crucial element of any workplace or home. In the event of a fire or chemical spill that requires evacuation, you should have a set emergency plan in place that everyone working in your shed knows about. That includes clear identification of shed exits and a meeting point, as well as identification of any fire extinguishers or protective equipment that becomes a necessity.

First aid first

Remember, if you are operating a workplace in the agricultural sector, Workplace Health and Safety laws require that you install a first aid kit that is accessible by all employees. Let everyone know where this is, and you're well on the way to minimising risks within your working area.

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