Prevent fires: Steps to avoid dangerous situations in your custom shed

Building a custom designed shed for your farming needs is a great way to increase your overall storage and facilitate the growth of your agriculture business. However, one thing that everyone needs to be aware of and take into consideration is the danger of fire, especially in rural areas. Taking preventative steps to reduce the chances of them from starting and any damage they may cause will help not only save money, but potentially lives.

For example, when you're selecting the location of the shed on your farm, consider how easily fire engines will be able to access the site should an emergency break out. Ensuring that there is a clear path that can be traversed by the fire services vehicles – as well as making sure any cattle grids or bridges can support their weight – should be one thing you keep in mind.

Another thing to consider is where and how you store flammable materials during the warmer seasons of the year. Items like petrol should not be stored near dry material like hay in the event that combustion does occur. Minimising the amount of burnable material in the area can help to contain the spread of the fire – reducing damage and making it more containable.

Investing in some fire fighting gear of your own is another precaution to consider, especially if your business is quite a distance away from the nearest fire station. However, only use the equipment if you can do so in a safe, responsible manner.

Finally, if you're storing farm equipment and machinery in the same place as hay and/or flammable materials, be sure to keep them in tip top condition. All it takes is one malfunction or spark to start a fire – prevention is the best form of protection.

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