Questions to ask before you get a shed

When you want to create some fantastic storage space on your property, or perhaps have a secure spot for your car, a custom designed shed can always do the trick. With such a diverse range of models available to you and the power to mould it to your exact needs, why wouldn't you get one? But before you delve on in, have a read through our checklist – here are some of the important elements to think about to help you shape your decision.

Will it match your property?

Shed Boss 9Lx6.2Wx3H Gable Shed complimenting perfectly with the COLORBOND colour scheme of the house.

Gable Shed complimenting perfectly with the COLORBOND colour scheme of the house.

Aesthetics aren't everything – but they are fantastic. Having a custom designed garage that matches your own property can give your land a sleek, attractive look that will get people talking about just where you got your shed from! When you work with the team at Shed Boss Fleurieu,  you get COLORBOND® steel, which comes in a huge range of colours. From Surfmist® to Cove®, there will be something to match any colour scheme you are working with on your property.

Will it need approval?

Depending on where you live, there are always different requirements for the dimensions of your custom designed workshop or shed. Requirements can vary between local Council areas and depending on the type of property you have, it's worth checking up on! Of course, if you work with Shed Boss Fleurieu, then we'll handle that whole process for you, so you can kick back and relax.

Will you need accessories?

If you are storing items in your shed that will need ventilation, or perhaps some extra insulation, then it's time to consider the extras that can placed on your shed. Whirlybirds will provide wind-assisted ventilation, creating the passage of fresh cooling air throughout your shed. On the other hand, insulation will keep the heat in if you are after a steady, warmer temperature.

Windows and doors can be placed wherever you want, and vermin flashing prevents pesky rodents from getting in amongst all of your possessions too.

Should I do it myself?

While building a custom designed shed on your own is a great way to flex your DIY muscles, it can be unsafe if you don't have the right training. Engaging a local builder like Shed Boss Fleurieu means you get experienced teams who can quickly build a strong, long-lasting custom designed shed on your property that serves the exact purpose you want it to.

But that doesn't mean you have no say in the process! As a specialist custom builder, we'll work with you to prepare a design that's exactly what you want, complete with measurements to the millimetre, details about the wind rating in your area, and exactly which accessories are going to work best for what you want.

It's a level of detail that many others will find difficult to match, and it means that when you talk to us, you have a prepared plan and we know exactly how to make it happen. Sheds for tools, sheds for home offices, sheds for cars, sheds for anything – you'll get what you need with Shed Boss Fleurieu.

We might not know what you'll come up with and bring to us, but we'll be wholly dedicated to making it happen. Contact the team at Shed Boss Fleurieu today!

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