A quick guide to the Shed Boss complete project process

If you're looking to store valuable equipment, park your car under cover or just have somewhere to turn into a man cave, a custom designed garage could be for you. Getting one constructed, however, is another matter.

That's where Shed Boss Fleurieu can really help you out. We can offer a complete project service, taking your individual needs and turning them into sturdy, long-lasting buildings without you needing to so much as touch a tool.

The Shed Boss complete project service

Here's a brief outline of the steps involved with this process.

Phase one: Planning

After we have worked with you to design your building, negotiations begin. This is a simple process of working out the costs involved with your particular project. Once agreed upon, a contract will be signed and we'll get started on your project.

Next, independent structural engineers will sign off on the site-specific plans and drawings. We'll also get a hold of the necessary sewage and waterworks diagrams, and submit all of our documents to the local council on your behalf – including paying the fees.

Phase two: Ordering

You needn't worry about securing the right materials, either. We've got that sorted! We'll order what we need to complete your project and have it delivered to the site in a timely fashion. If we need to, we'll store the materials in our own secure depot until they are required on-site.

Phase three: Construction

When a suitable construction schedule is in place, the fun stuff can begin! We will arrange the necessary earthworks, pour the concrete slab and construct your building in a way that ensures you have a 15-year COLORBOND® warranty.

Phase four: Enjoy

Guess what you need to do? Take the keys, move in your furniture/equipment and enjoy the use of your brand new garage! Easy.

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