Seeing is believing: Impress your customers with a retail showroom

No matter how wonderfully your products are photographed and uploaded to your business website, nothing beats showing customers the quality and scale of your products in person.

A wide range of businesses can benefit from commercial sheds used as a showroom on their lot, so that when customers come by all you have to do is walk them over to the building, let them step inside and see the wonders of your range with their own eyes.

This would be particularly useful for companies who earn their bread and butter from selling furniture, kitchen appliances, cars, boats, electronics, fabrics, tiles, carpets and vacuum cleaners. These industries can hugely benefit from enabling clients to see first-hand how your products would look in their home.

Having a well-designed, beautiful showroom can inspire your customers to highly recommend your business to their friends and family.

As a result, the likelihood of confirming a sale, or better yet, gaining repeat customers can increase. Most of all, having a well-designed, beautiful showroom can inspire your customers to highly recommend your business to their friends and family.

Indeed, the 2015 Nielsen Trust in Advertising report found that an impressive 83 per cent of people feel recommendations from people they know are the most trustworthy form of advertising.

Such word of mouth marketing (WOMM) can significantly help your business succeed. Lithium social software conducted research on the impact of WOMM, finding that it influences 50 per cent of purchasing decisions and that a 1,000 customers could generate half a million conversations about your brand.

The best way to ensure your customers do in fact gab about your showroom to their peers is by making it a stunning, sophisticated space. This involves making a good first impression from the very moment they see the exterior, as well as blowing their minds with the interior layout.

The exterior

With a huge spectrum of COLORBOND® steel colours to choose from, customers can admire the sleek and shiny steel exterior of the showroom as soon as they lay eyes on it.

Our classic gable roof resembles the shape of a house, so it will be ideal for showrooms exhibiting homely products. The skillion roof slants at one angle only, exuding a chic industrial look well suited for electronics and kitchen appliances.

For showrooms that display cars or boats, adding a front and rear garaport to the shed can show off the best models before customers even enter the building. To excite them further, adding glass sliding doors can let them catch a glimpse of the goodies inside.

If you allow people to test-drive your cars before purchase, install our remote-controlled roller doors and enjoy the classy feeling of handing customers both keys and a remote so they can glide out the showroom in style.

A custom designed showroom can impress customers and boost car sales.

A custom designed showroom can impress customers and boost car sales.

Because Shed Boss showrooms come with the ShedSafe™ guarantee, you can always rest assured that when you lock up and leave, the products will stay inside a strong, sturdy steel structure and be protected from the elements.

The interior

Install beautiful LED lights directed at the products, so you can literally cast a spotlight on them. For some items that really deserve to shine, or ones that you want to direct customers' attentions to, you could place them under colourful LED lights or, for a natural look, display them directly beneath the shed's skylight.

Arranging the goods in neat, organised rows can also help present a neat and tidy space. Because Shed Boss offers full flexibility in choosing a length, width and height that best suits your needs, your showroom can also function as a storage space by simply adding an extra wall in the centre and keeping all messy packaging boxes out of your customer's sight.

Excited to build your showroom? You can start designing right away with our Shed Boss app!

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