Shed Boss App in focus: What type of building do you want?

With our new Shed Boss App, you can design so many features at the touch of a button. From colours to contours, you can design your dream construction to your specification, and then share it with the world, through social media, email and more. You can even do this on the go, with the app downloadable from the Apple and Google Play stores – perfect for those with a busy lifestyle who needs to have multiple projects running at once.

We have already given a general overview of how the app works, but now let’s look at it in a bit more detail, starting with the main construct. What kind of frame and roof styles can you put together in the Shed Boss App?


This is your basic style of roof, which has two slanted sides that meet at a peak in the middle. This makes a slightly triangular shape, and is a classic of many sheds, garages and residential homes. The slope can be great for letting water drain right off, and even provides you with an option for a little attic space, depending on the gradient.

This comes with the standard four walls, so can be a great option to protect your goods or machinery against the elements.


The skillion roof, also known as a mono-pitched roof, is one that only slants at one angle, another option to give angle cover so elements can slide off easily. It is a common roof for our products, and for this reason is often called simply a ‘shed roof’. This option also has the standard four walls to begin with, and provides a great shelter option.

Skillion roofs have also been used to cover parts of a shed or building that juts out at an angle – great for the more irregularly shaped constructions.


The barn roof you can use in the Shed Boss App is somewhat of a combination of the previous two options, and is sometimes known as the ‘American barn’. With a gable style roof in the middle, you can then apply skillion roofs on either side. This could be ideal for larger constructions, such as three bay barns or constructions that will benefit from having distinctly separate areas.

It also can have a larger attic or top floor area than the standard gable roof.

Flat carport

This is a more appropriate option for buildings the primarily need shade and element protection from above. Without the four walls, this offers a covered but open-air space that can store vehicles, hay bales, or other products and equipment that needs to be out of the sun, rain or hail.

Gable carport

This performs the same function as the flat carport, but with the standard gable roof, which can be for practical or aesthetic purposes. After all, you may want a gable roof on your carport to work match your existing home.

The carport options both have a standard six posts holding them up, which provides great strength and stability for your construct.

With these fantastic options at your disposal, it is possible to spend a great deal of time just deciding which type of building you want to have! But there is much more beyond this to add to your custom design in the Shed Boss App. From walls to wind factors and measurements to mezzanines, there are lots of features to factor in down the line. We will cover these in later blog posts, but for now you should get to using the app and working out what your ideal construction is.

All it takes is the touch of a button – start realising your dream shed with the Shed Boss App today!

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