What colour will your next custom shed be?

One of the great benefits of choosing Shed Boss Fleurieu is the fact that we utilise COLORBOND® steel for our buildings. This material is incredibly strong, and is highly resistant to corrosion and weather damage.

Although, colour is of equal importance in its own ways. The overall toughness of your shed is great when it comes to the facts and figures about how long it should last, but the colour is what you'll be living with day in and day out.

So what are your options?

COLORBOND® shed colours

Those of you who love picking every element of your home or workplace to match, contrast or fit in with a stylistic theme will love the fact that there are 22 different colour options to choose from for your shed, garage or custom designed workshop.

Neutral hues – both light and dark – are usually the best answer to any design question. Where a classy grey will stand prominently among your other features, without drawing too much attention to itself, a creamy white will pop and sparkle, glowing gently in the daylight. If you like these colours, try Basalt®, Shale Grey™, Surfmist® or a Classic Cream™.

Alternatively, you could dare to be different and find something a little more striking. Perhaps you want to show off your new shed, or you'd like something a little closer to your brand colours?

Greens are known to inspire people, and they blend easily into a natural environment. That's why Pale Eucalyptus® and Mangrove® could work for you.

You should also look at a gentle Deep Ocean® blue, or a stylish-looking Manor Red®.

No matter which colour you choose, it's sure to look excellent – especially if the structure is built by the professionals at your local Shed Boss. Jump online to our Shed Boss app for a free quote, and to play with the different colours.

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