Why use an arena shed?

There are many different types of custom shed you can use on your farm. From smaller storage spaces to larger enclosed areas for handling stock, there is seemingly no end to your choices. When you want to work with a large-scale building, however, there is one option that often comes out on top – the […]

What does ShedSafe mean?

When you decide to build a shed on your property, whether its a large customisable barn or a smaller awning for shelter from the elements, you want to know that your product is going to be safe and sound for the years to come. That is why Shed Boss take steps to achieve ShedSafe accreditation. […]

How we go beyond the shed

Building a custom designed shed with us doesn't just have to be specifically for work storage purposes – although the combination of formidable Morinda™ bracketry and efficient craftsmanship means it is very effective for this. From a commercial space to a rural cafe, Shed Boss buildings are able to be used in a variety of ways. And […]

3 ways a shed can add to your waterfront property

If you own a property adjacent to the Murray River or the ocean, there are many ways you can add value to the property. One particularly useful way of doing this is adding a custom-built shed, which can serve any number of purposes. Here are a few to get you started. Boats to boast about […]

Creating a shed that is safe for the kids

Safety is paramount when you work in any environment, but particularly when your places of living and work have some overlap. This can be the case if you construct a customised Shed Boss building on your property. While safe work practices are very important, this crossover means you should also look to childproofing your shed if […]

3 basics for shed safety

Creating a custom-designed building with Shed Boss is a breeze – our experts handle every aspect of the process from start to finish to your requirements. They will make a building that stands the test of time, not to mention the test of Australian weather! They will be sturdy and safe, no matter what you use […]

Creating the ideal office space

When people think of a Shed Boss building, more often than not they think of one of our excellent rural farming products – be it tractor storage, a sheep shearing shed or perhaps something to house your crops. However, there are many additional uses for our sturdy-built products. Have you considered working with Shed Boss […]

Building the perfect shearing shed

When you run a farm or other agricultural business, there is no end to the uses you can find for a shed. Crop storage, vehicle parking or perhaps a separate office space – sheds can provide you with what you need. Our buildings are commonly used as shearing sheds – here's how we can make the […]

2 key tips to stay on top of your shed

Building with Shed Boss is a sure-fire way to get not just a strong, durable product, but also to get the best service possible from locals who know the materials and know what you need. Our sheds are built to last against the Australian elements thanks to the specialist Morinda™ bracket system and COLORBOND™ cladding, […]

3 reasons to work with Shed Boss

When you need to build a large shed for your rural property, there are many factors you need to consider: what weather conditions it will face, how long it will last and what kind of ongoing maintenance it'll need are just a handful of common concerns. When you decide to use us for you custom-built […]