2 key tips to stay on top of your shed

Building with Shed Boss is a sure-fire way to get not just a strong, durable product, but also to get the best service possible from locals who know the materials and know what you need. Our sheds are built to last against the Australian elements thanks to the specialist Morinda™ bracket system and COLORBOND™ cladding, […]

3 reasons to work with Shed Boss

When you need to build a large shed for your rural property, there are many factors you need to consider: what weather conditions it will face, how long it will last and what kind of ongoing maintenance it'll need are just a handful of common concerns. When you decide to use us for you custom-built […]

Adding leisure features with Shed Boss

At Shed Boss we pride ourselves on custom building the best sheds to your specifications, using local products to suit all of your needs. While many of our products are tailored for work purposes, you can customise your shed to add relaxation features as well – you deserve it! Fun in the sun deck With […]

Getting the best out of your commercial space

When you think about sheds, generally the images conjured up are the practical uses – harvest storage, parking equipment and looking after stock. But when you work with Shed Boss, you get a fully customisable service that caters to a wide range of needs – and this includes building you the perfect commercial or retail […]

Thorough sheds for thoroughbreds

If you own horses in rural Australia, you'll already know the ins and out of making sure they are well-cared for and have a great stable. But we know weather can be a hassle, and there are always items we overlook when creating a safe space for our animals. Here are three things to keep […]

Have you considered a shed for your grain storage?

We all know how fraught with danger the Australian weather cycles can be, especially for those who rely on crops and stock for their livelihood. That's why it's crucial to make sure your wellbeing is protected, and get the right storage options for those precious crop yields. Cyclones, floods and drought can all impact your […]

What to consider before building a shed

Investing in your own custom designed shed can be a big deal, especially if this is the first time undertaking such a project. However, before committing to any one design, you'll need to consider some aspects about the location before you settle on a spot to erect your new installation. After all, a shed of […]

Keeping your concrete floor clean: Tips to avoid staining

Concrete is a common flooring choice for custom designed sheds, homes, commercial complexes and a whole wide range of different property types. This is because it's a reliable material that combines durability with a minimalist, modern chic that is timeless. If you're looking into putting down a concrete floor in your new shed, you'll be […]

Storing aircraft: What to consider when building a custom hangar

Building a custom designed shed for your residence or commercial property is a great way to provide a covered, secure storage location for a whole range of things – from tools and chemicals through to vehicles. However, Shed Boss also creates larger buildings to store bigger items, such as aircraft. If you're a hobby pilot […]

Commercial benefits of an awning for your custom shed

If you're looking into building a custom designed shed for your commercial business, there are countless aspects of design that you'll need to consider during the process. However, one that often slips people's minds are outdoor awnings. Skipping over this feature is a mistake that many businesses make during the design stage, However, it's one […]