What are the benefits of having a concrete floor for your shed?

Building a custom designed shed brings with it a whole host of design decisions to make – both purely aesthetic and more practical. One of the biggest choices you'll have to make with regards to this is the type of flooring you want for your space. In most cases, it could be beneficial to go […]

Roller garage doors: What are the benefits?

When building a custom designed garage, a decision you'll have to make surrounds the type of door you're going to install. One of the most common options is a roller garage door and should be high on your list of considerations. Here are some reasons why a roller door could be perfect for your garage. […]

Does shed orientation make a difference?

When you're looking into purchasing your own custom designed shed, one thing you may not have considered is the direction your new installation will face. There are a number of benefits to doing just this, with different property orientations potentially changing a wide range of factors to do with your shed's atmosphere and climate. Orientation […]

What are some simple ways to heat your shed?

Heating your custom designed garage can be difficult to undertake, especially during the winter months. They usually don't have the same degree of insulation that your home does, which makes trapping natural warmth inside the walls a little harder to do. However, there are some options available to you that could be worth considering in […]

Protecting your shed: What types of security measures should you consider?

After you take the time to invest in your own custom designed shed from Shed Boss Fleurieu, you may start to think about the best way to protect your investment from being tampered with or broken into. After all, security is a major part of owning property and ensuring you take the right steps toward […]

What to consider when creating a community centre

If you're looking for a option to help create a local community centre, it could be worth getting in touch with the team at Shed Boss to discuss the potential for building a custom designed shed. The high quality construction and dedicated building service when compared to other options make these the perfect solution for […]

What are the benefits of an electric garage door?

Nowadays automation is one of the main selling points for most technologies and installations around your home. Whether it be clapping to operate your lights, hooking everything up to a universal remote or having your air conditioner set to an appropriate temperature as soon as you walk in the door – the future is already […]

Prevent fires: Steps to avoid dangerous situations in your custom shed

Building a custom designed shed for your farming needs is a great way to increase your overall storage and facilitate the growth of your agriculture business. However, one thing that everyone needs to be aware of and take into consideration is the danger of fire, especially in rural areas. Taking preventative steps to reduce the […]

What are the benefits of corrugated shed roofing?

At Shed Boss Fleurieu, all of our sheds, garages, carports and barns come with Stramit 0.42 BMT corrugated roofing, which boasts a number of benefits for your installation. Some of the benefits of installing a corrugated roof for your shed include: 1) Durability One of the main benefits of installing a corrugated metal roof is its durability. […]

Things to consider when building a carport

Building a carport may seem like a small-fry construction project compared to a larger custom designed shed or workspace, but there are a number of things to give consideration to before commencing one of these installations. After all, any building projects being commence in a residential environment need to be done to a decent standard […]