What are the benefits of corrugated shed roofing?

At Shed Boss Fleurieu, all of our sheds, garages, carports and barns come with Stramit 0.42 BMT corrugated roofing, which boasts a number of benefits for your installation. Some of the benefits of installing a corrugated roof for your shed include: 1) Durability One of the main benefits of installing a corrugated metal roof is its durability. […]

Things to consider when building a carport

Building a carport may seem like a small-fry construction project compared to a larger custom designed shed or workspace, but there are a number of things to give consideration to before commencing one of these installations. After all, any building projects being commence in a residential environment need to be done to a decent standard […]

Tips for organising your custom designed garage

Once you've successfully build a custom designed garage for your home, chances are you'll want to get right into packing it full of stuff. Vehicles, tools - these are all common things that people use garages for. However, a major gripe from a lot of individuals is that they run out of space in their […]

Reconnect with your hobbies: Creating a space for relaxation

Having hobbies is an important thing to have in order to keep your mind occupied and help you grow as an individual. Unfortunately, after having a family, sometimes these passions fall to the wayside in lieu of looking after young children and providing for the household. But the best way to reconnect with your old […]

Garage insulation: Keep out the winter blues

With the height of winter upon us, most of us will be well acquainted with the freezing temperatures that are only natural with these cooler months. Now could be the perfect time to consider getting insulation for your custom designed shed – if not for this winter, at least to be prepared for next year. […]

Future-proofing your garage: Things to consider when building your own shed

Future proof your property and garage for your family. Future-proofing your property is something to consider when building a shed. The term itself applies to ensuring your home and other installations are able to adapt to the constant changes in your life and anticipating these developments – in order to minimise the related shock and […]

How can a carport improve your home?

Carports can offer a lot to your home, as well as add value to your property. Here are some of the key improvements a carport can provide to your home. Protection from the weather Looking after the integrity of your vehicles is important. If you have no room to build a garage, creating a carport is just […]

Three interesting uses for a custom designed garage

Building a custom designed shed or garage is definitely a good move to make if you're interested in creating a safe space to store your car. After all, this is what garages are most often built for in residential settings. However, this doesn't mean it's the only use that a garage can be used for. […]

Maintaining barn safety in farming conditions

When you're looking into building a barn or rural shed for your farm, there are a number of things that you should give consideration to before committing. One of the most important – especially if you have other employees working for you – is the safety measures implemented in the installation. Here are some tips to […]

Adding value to your home: Consider a custom designed garage

If you're interested in ways to help increase the value of your home, it could be worth looking into making additions to your existing property. While some people may think installing a deck or extra bathroom could be the way to go, one thing that many houses these days are missing is a custom designed […]