3 sheds that helped shape history

Our relationship with the humble shed goes way beyond a place to simply put our tools as an external storage space like the days of old. Today, the word 'shed' can mean anything from a small granny flat extension, to a large barn or even an aircraft hangar. Even so, when you hear inspirational stories of singer-songwriters […]

Why is it so important that your shed is Aussie-built?

In this modern day and age where globalisation is becoming ever more apparent, it can often be difficult to purchase goods that were actually made in their country of origin. Many of our cars are built in Japan, cutlery forged in Britain and clothes sewn over in China. Part of the reason for this is that […]

The mighty man cave

Gentlemen, while your wives are away, what are you to do? Why, grab some beers and call a few friends over to hang out in your man cave of course! We've talked plenty about 'she sheds', the female equivalent to a man cave, but now it's time to focus on the original habitants of sheds. There […]

Famous creators with custom designed sheds

We've had a look at some gigantic sheds to inspire your own, but what about whether your own shed will inspire you? Across human history, many people have invented, painted, written and created some incredibly famous works from the comfort of their own custom designed shed. If you've been searching for the perfect space from […]

Are our sheds ready for climate change?

The phrase 'climate change' is one that's hard to escape in this day and age. It refers to the gradual warming of the Earth due to a number of combining factors, and this can bring with it a range of different weather types that we need to prepare for should global warming continue unchecked. Your custom-designed […]

How can you use a custom-designed garage to store a classic car?

We Australians are huge fans of our cars. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, there were 18 million registered vehicles circling their way around the nation's highways and byways at the last count, and that's a number that's only set to rise. It's not just modern motors that get our engines racing, however – […]

3 ways to soundproof your shed or garage

There is a budding musician in many us – perhaps we just don't know it yet! Whether you enjoying strumming your guitar, banging away at the drums or mixing the latest tunes on the wheels of steel, music has the power to bring great joy to anyone within earshot – or great annoyance. Because your […]

When do you need another custom designed shed?

Sometimes what you already have just isn't enough. Budding property investors always need to get one more property, hungry children always want another piece of candy – even our politicians are constantly on the march for just one more term in office! The same principle can apply to your custom designed shed as well. Whether […]

Seeing is believing: Impress your customers with a retail showroom

No matter how wonderfully your products are photographed and uploaded to your business website, nothing beats showing customers the quality and scale of your products in person. A wide range of businesses can benefit from commercial sheds used as a showroom on their lot, so that when customers come by all you have to do […]

3 uses for a shed in Game of Thrones

With what is probably the world's biggest television show returning to people's screens at the moment, we thought we'd have a look at the application of custom designed sheds in Game of Thrones. While a lot of buildings in the series seem to be made of wood and stone rather than COLORBOND steel, we're sure […]