Which COLORBOND® steel colour is right for your shed? [VIDEO]

Which COLORBOND® steel colour is right for your shed? [VIDEO] [KGVID poster="http://shedboss.com.au/sandbox/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/14103034-720x380.jpg" width="640" height="360"]http://media.shedboss.com.au/RecordedVideos/videos/855821ac-8984-4094-96a6-794fede1d662/246/8000219/Source-Video/video1.mp4[/KGVID] Transcript With a wide variety of COLORBOND® steel colours on offer, your custom designed shed can shimmer and shine in style. Here’s a handy guide that matches colours to different styles, so your garden or storage shed can look good next […]

3 ways to use a shed in summer

As many Australians take time off over the summer, it's a great time to engage in hobbies left neglected, or pick up on DIY projects that have languished in the background. The summer often provides great opportunities for people to get out and about, making repairs or doing activities they have held out for all year. […]

Waste management methods for livestock barns

If you own cattle or another type of livestock, it's likely that you have or need a customised barn to house these animals from time to time. Whether for milking, shelter from the weather or perhaps as a stable for your horses, the range of buildings from Shed Boss Fleurieu can help you create an ideal […]

Taking on the carport this summer

Summer is a great time to be renovating your home or shed. With more free time, you can plan exactly what you want and get it done yourself – or if you are in the mood to relax, hire professionals to do it for you, so you can enjoy your modified home free of stress. […]

How can I design an environmentally friendly shed? [Video]

Environmentally friendly shed video [KGVID width="640" height="360"]http://media.shedboss.com.au/RecordedVideos/videos/855821ac-8984-4094-96a6-794fede1d662/246/8000254/Source-Video/288/video1.webm[/KGVID] Did you know that in the last five years, 16.9 metric ton​nes of carbon emissions were released per person in Australia? The World Bank reported on this data recently, and it draws attention to the importance of making an effort to live greener and more sustainably. If you’re planning to […]

Are you familiar with the health and safety legislation for workshops?

It would not be an understatement to say that small to medium enterprises (SMEs) are the backbone of Australian business. More than half of the country works as an SME employee - 63 per cent of all workers to be exact, according to the Australasian SME Alliance (ASMEA). This is equal to over 5 million people! It's no surprise, […]

How schools or colleges can benefit from custom designed sheds

If you are in charge of managing a school, either as a principal or a member of the teaching body, chances are you like to have your finger on the pulse of what can make the learning environment better for your students. This is where a custom designed shed can add value to your campus. Here […]

The ultimate guide to designing your own shed

Here at Shed Boss, we feel the product you buy should be exactly how you want it. If you purchase a custom designed barn, it should be the size and shape you need to fit your machinery, right? Or if you opt for a skillion-roof carport, it will need to suit your home's aesthetic. In […]

How to design a customised shed using global architecture trends

As home owners and business professionals are both aware, first impressions do matter. Whether you aim to wow your customers or simply please the eyes with beautiful, on-trend designs in your home, taking note of international styles in architecture and design can pay off. Custom designed sheds are one way to ensure that the look of […]

How can a shed help your hobby farm?

If you want a slice of the rural lifestyle without the large-scale management that comes with running a dairy farm, then a hobby farm might be the path for you. Also known as a small lifestyle farm, they can be a great way to cultivate your own crops or perhaps rear a small group of […]