The importance of brand colours in business buildings

In an increasingly competitive global market, maintaining a unique and strong brand can dramatically help a business stay at the forefront of consumer's thoughts. Colour psychology is frequently used in marketing and branding, helping businesses establish their image in the minds of consumers. Companies carefully choose the colours for their logo or brand, consulting with experts […]

Creating a living wall on your shed

Even if your custom designed shed is generally used for practical purposes like rearing livestock or perhaps as a workshop, that does not preclude you from being able to manage some great beautification strategies. While we're big fans of the beautiful and deep range of colours available from COLORBOND®, sometimes you also want something else […]

Beauty inside and out: Ideas for the interior of your custom designed shed

From the moment you lay eyes on the glistening, galvanised COLORBOND® steel exterior of your shed, you will probably feel excited to step inside and start using the space for whatever spunky idea you built it for. You probably put a lot of thought into choosing what type of building would best suit your needs, selecting between […]

Shed Boss Fleurieu Q&A: Michael Schubert

The picturesque Fleurieu Peninsula in South Australia is home to rolling green hills, long sandy beaches and rugged cliff-scapes. Also located amidst this beautiful terrain is the Shed Boss Fleurieu franchise, which has been run as a family business since 2005. We sat down for an interview with Michael Schubert, son of David Schubert, the man who […]

Spotlight on Jim Kearns: Shed Boss Fleurieu

Meet Jim Kearns. He is qualified as a licenced Building Supervisor and Project Manager and is passionate about his role at Shed Boss Fleurieu, where he handles your building project from start to finish. Dealing with Jim makes the entire process a piece of cake – but that's just the beginning of the sweet journey. The keys […]

Extra extravaganza part 2: How Shed Boss extras can improve your shed

Welcome back to our handy guide on the extensive range of Shed Boss extras! In our last post, we told you all about mezzanine floors, fire rated walls, insulation, vermin flashing and skylights, as well as mentioned a bunch of interesting stats and facts on how these can help your residential or commercial sheds. Now it's […]

Extra extravaganza part 1: How Shed Boss extras can improve your shed

Extra, extra, read all about it! Here, you can find information on our range of added extra options for your custom designed shed, garage, workshop, barn, patio or awning. All of these features are included on the Shed Boss app, available in the early stages of planning so you can be sure of what's on offer […]

7 tips for making your custom designed shed energy efficient

Recycling more waste, drinking coffee every morning from a keep-cup, remembering to switch off the television when nobody is watching – all these small steps are helping the environment. But what about the bigger decisions, such as building a house with solar panels or designing an industrial shed with energy-efficient systems in place? These are […]

3 reasons our galvanised steel will be like armour for your shed

Strength and safety are very important when it comes to building a custom designed shed or garage. After all, you would like this structure to be long-lasting, sturdy and capable of withstanding a range of harsh weather conditions. Here at Shed Boss Fleurieu, we understand the value of strong, secure sheds and garages. Since steel […]

Things to remember when designing and building your own shed

Thanks to our handy Shed Boss app, designing your own shed and getting a quote is as simple as using your computer. When you receive the materials, strap on the tool belt and pretend you don't need the instructions (but actually read them first), the construction process begins! Woah there, nelly – take a moment […]