Sheds of steel: Why steel is best

When looking at investing in a commercial or domestic custom designed shed, you should consider using top-quality local steel that is guaranteed to withstand the tests of harsh Australian weather. With steel imports rising and local manufacturers falling out of business, steel structures are at the risk of compromised quality and injury-prone collapses.

There are no regulations surrounding China's steel production, resulting in low-quality imports.

China, the world's top steel producing supplier, has increased its manufacturing content significantly from 2008 to 2009, according to the World Steel Association. This poses serious risks as there are no regulations surrounding their steel production, and results in low-quality material imported into Australia, in competition with better quality local steel suppliers.

The Australian Council of Trade Unions has been pushing the government to mandate that companies use more local content and suppliers. A January 2013 article in The Australian explains the union's reasons behind this movement – promoting better industry engagement to support job growth in order to "give back to the community".

Steel produced and supplied locally for your shed, as an inexpensive alternative to other shed materials, is easy to maintain, and choosing it will give you peace of mind through this season's summer storms.

Choose steel, choose Aussie

Making the decision to build a shed out of steel benefits not just you and your wallet, but also the Australian economy. By selecting a local supplier, you can rest assured that the quality will meet Australian manufacturing regulations and certified standards, ensuring the best quality of steel possible. However, while these Australian standards exist and are implemented on locally manufactured steel, there is no guarantee that they are being enforced on imported steel products.

A November 2015 news report from ABC highlighted issues surrounding imported steel of low quality, particularly from China. It was found that some Chinese steel contained high levels of a chemical element called boron, which, when welded, became brittle. This posed many health and safety risks as not all welders were aware of the boron content, nor of its properties. This resulted in bad quality structures that were prone to unpredictable collapses due to defects – highly dangerous for steel structures specifically created for support, and consequently, putting people's lives at risk.

Using local steel materials also reduces building expenses significantly. There will be no need for international visits when it comes to inspection costs, and local suppliers and manufacturers can accommodate last-minute changes to plans as face-to-face contact with clients minimises delays in building projects. Freight and transport costs of locally fabricated steel are also reduced, and can be more reliable in terms of timeliness.

Any Australian manufactured steel shed must also meet the ShedSafe™ accreditation programme. This ensures that any steel shed manufactured in Australia meets the requirements for a high-quality structure that complies with the Building Code of Australia, whilst supporting local suppliers and manufacturers for a better economy and better sheds all around.

This strong steel shed will be sure to outlive its 15-year warranty!

This strong steel shed will be sure to outlive its 15-year warranty!

Choose steel, choose BlueScope

At Shed Boss, we use only local suppliers and materials that ensure your custom designed shed is built strong and built right. We use heavy galvanised BlueScope steel that will protect your shed from the elements, like a suit of armour.

According to the Australian Steel Institute (ASI), BlueScope is one of Australia's two main steel producers. BlueScope provides a range of 22 Colorbond® colours to choose from, equipped with a 15-year warranty.

"Quality construction, the materials used and their ability to customise to our requirements" - Roger, Goolwa

"Quality construction, the materials used and their ability to customise to our requirements" - Roger, Goolwa

Shed Boss steel sheds are built with a Zincalume® base, establishing a secure foundation. Our sheds also use our patented Morinda™ Glove Section Bracket System – wrap around knee and apex joints that are non-welded and corrosion free. These joints are made of heavy galvanised steel and bolted into place with equally strong bolts to ensure that your shed stands against the tests of Australian weather.

Five of the 10 of the most destructive storms have been in Queensland, as noted by The Insurance Council of Australia. The council explains that the most severe storms occur between the months of September and February, so invest in a BlueScope steel shed now to avoid damage to your shed's contents during this summer season.

Steel is also 100 per cent recyclable and therefore environmentally friendly. Out of other shed types such as wooden or resin sheds, steel sheds are the easiest to maintain. Rain takes care of the majority of your hassles, but do take time to give your steel shed a rinse with clean water every six months, particularly in the places untouched by rainfall. For sheds that reside in seaside or coastal areas, it is recommended that you wash your shed every three months. Should there be any dirt or debris, then a non-abrasive detergent and soft-bristled brush will do the trick.

Choose ShedBoss

ShedBoss has gone through a rigorous, independent auditing and certification process by ASI-appointed engineers and specialists to earn ShedSafe™ accreditation.

Shed Boss Fleurieu have the necessary knowledge and expertise to help you build the best shed suited to your area's weather, that meets all the required Australian regulations.

Choose steel and choose local by choosing BlueScope Colorbond®. Contact us today to design your very own stylish steel shed.

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