Made safe, made for you. 

One of the most appealing aspects of Shed Boss is the versatility on offer. Our products aren't just durable and effective, but fully customisable. From smaller storage sheds to large-scale commercial spaces, we will create a shed that fits your exact requirements. It will also come with safety accreditation from ShedSafe™

ShedSafe™  is a new industry benchmark for Australian manufactured steel sheds. It is an independent accreditation program designed to assist shed buyers in making an informed purchase decision.

ShedSafe™  is a system designed to recognise excellent safety practices in shed construction, and is managed by the Australian Steel Institute (ASI). As the voice of the national steel industry, their qualifications carry significant weight, so when you use a shed indicated by the ASI system as safe, you know it is trustworthy.

Shed Boss Fleurieu has undertaken the appropriate training and regular maintenance checks, ensuring that we continue providing high quality in both safety and efficiency.

For more information about ShedSafe™, visit the ShedSafe website.


Wind Loads

Wind loads on a shed are the main force sheds need resist, and the wind will always find the weakest point in a shed. Whilst some sheds appear to be robust, all the structural parts of the shed need to be designed correctly to withstand the wind loads.

The higher the site wind speed, the stronger your shed will need to be to resist wind forces. If your shed is in a protected area, the wind speed can normally be reduced and a lower design can be applied. Plus, sheds supplied for different purposes will have different building classes and design.

Shed Boss is ShedSafe™ accredited, demonstrating our compliance with the National Construction Code (NCC), with our site-specific designs exceeding all Australian Standards.

For absolute peace of mind, every shed we design is certified by two independent, Australian registered structural professional engineers.

Our accreditation is your guarantee as a shed buyer that:

We have undergone a Review by an independent 3rd party.

  • Our designs and engineering (plans and structural calculations) have been subjected to a design check and documentation review process undertaken by an independent 3rd party structural engineer and these have met the ShedSafe™ accreditation criteria.

We have assured our Compliance.

  • Shed Boss has signed and submitted documentation confirming that all of our shed designs are in accordance with the Australian Steel Institute Design Guide Portal Frame Sheds and Garages.

We will recommend a Shed Design suitable for your site location and use.

  • Getting the right shed for the job is more than just working out the best size, shape and aesthetic that you want. Each shed location is unique in terms of the site, exposure to the elements and distance from other buildings. The team at Shed Boss Fleurieu has undertaken training and will recommend a shed with a design suitable for your specific site and building use.

When providing you with a quotation, we will consider:

ShedSafe Shed Use(1)

Shedsafe terrain


ShedSafe Topo

Other things to be aware of:

  1. Don't get caught out buying a shed that doesn't pass Council approvals. If your shed supplier is NOT constructing the shed (i.e. you are buying a "kit only"), you need to speak with a licensed builder and or building certifier to confirm (before committing to buy) that the criteria quoted is SUITABLE for the intended site (Shed Boss Fleurieu is a licensed builder)
  2. Do not accept quotations from shed suppliers that refer to "w" values i.e. W41 as these codes are obsolete.
  3. Quotations from shed suppliers that show wind speeds N2 or C2 or similar, are nominations applicable for houses, not sheds. Makes sure the wind speed is expressed in metres per second.
  4. Trees and other vegetation do not provide shielding from wind. Only other buildings provide shielding, and only when located in the upwind zone specified in AS/NZS 1170.2.
  5. Always look for the ShedSafeª  logo which is your guarantee that the shed design and engineering is based on current design codes.