Should you be thinking about a she shed?

While we have devoted an article or two for ideas regarding man caves and sheds for more masculine activities, it's high time we took a look at custom designed sheds to suit the ladies. After all, women actually make up more of the country than men at the Australian Bureau of Statistics' last count – and sheds aren't just for the boys.

So let's get started, and look at some great examples of 'she sheds' that we have pulled from all over!

The cocoa bar

This is a small wooden shed featured on the blog My Life on Kaydeross Creek, and it's perfect for anyone that wants a smaller custom designed shed for their farm or forest home.

It is a wooden construction no more than a few metres wide and long, which serves as a sheltered spot for the owner to kick back and enjoy a hot chocolate in front of a roaring open fire near their home. Of course, depending on where in Australia you are, there are going to be some big restrictions on this, but at the very least you can enjoy a customised awning from shed boss to get the same sheltered and cosy effect when you need an outdoorsy spot to relax.

The glasshouse

While we build our custom designed sheds incredibly strong, sometimes people want them to be a bit more open and have significant amounts of light. By using the Shed Boss App you can add in doors, rollers and windows to your hearts content – perhaps not as much as the designer of this glasshouse has, though.

By opening up the space to sunlight, you're maximising your relaxation in the summertime. It might even serve well as a hub for plants! If you're planning on making a greenhouse out of your shed though, it might pay to check exactly how much sunlight they need before you buy. Sometimes you'll need the council green light too – for example, in South Australia garages and sheds require certain development approvals depending on the overall building footprint and height.

The home office

Working remotely is becoming more and more popular, right across Australia – but especially in lifestyle areas like coastal Queensland. In fact, Cameron Kusher from CoreLogic RP Data argued recently that more flexible work environments are leading families to look at lifestyle areas. So with the advent of working from home, will there be more of a push for she sheds that are home offices?

Considering the extensive work that we can do at Shed Boss, a home office she shed could have everything you need. Working from home has never been so comfortable!

With the customisability you get with Shed Boss, she sheds aren't just a wish list item – they're a reality. From first conception of the idea to the completion of the entire project, Shed Boss can help you make a custom designed shed that suits your exact lifestyle. Get in touch to find out more!

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