The waiting game: How long will council approval take?

Depending on the size of the project you want built, as well as whether or not you choose to utilise our complete project service, your custom designed shed, garage, barn or workshop could take a few months to complete from start to finish. The council approval process After we have prepared your site plan, certified the […]

What 2 questions do I need to ask myself before I get a quote?

Ask anyone in Australia who is staring at their brand new custom designed shed and they'll probably tell you how great a purchasing decision it was. After all, who doesn't love having extra space to store all their tools, equipment and other various bits and bobs? However, there are still two very important points you […]

When do you need approval for a shed?

Building a custom-designed garage or shed can be great for a wide range of purposes, whether you are housing some tools or creating a large commercial space. But no matter the purpose, it is important to pay attention to regulations and work out if you need development approval. As each of the 68 local council areas […]

Ensuring your custom designed shed’s structural integrity

At Shed Boss, we build strong and we build right. That's another way of saying we're dedicated to construction projects that are structurally sound and will stand the test of time. This involves taking care of  the complete project from design to council approvals, concreting and construction and using only the highest quality materials. Design We are […]

3 assurances you get with Shed Boss

When you're building a custom-designed garage or other structure with Shed Boss Fleurieu, you want to make sure the process is fully covered in the event that anything goes wrong. This shouldn't be a worry, as we are a one-stop shop for your building needs, and can organise permits and safety for the construct. Just […]

How we go beyond the shed

Building a custom designed shed with us doesn't just have to be specifically for work storage purposes – although the combination of formidable Morinda™ bracketry and efficient craftsmanship means it is very effective for this. From a commercial space to a rural cafe, Shed Boss buildings are able to be used in a variety of ways. And […]

Things to consider when building a carport

Building a carport may seem like a small-fry construction project compared to a larger custom designed shed or workspace, but there are a number of things to give consideration to before commencing one of these installations. After all, any building projects being commence in a residential environment need to be done to a decent standard […]