Why now’s the best time to invest in farm sheds

As part of the drought package announced by the Federal Government,  primary producers can now immediately deduct the cost of fodder storage sheds for hay, grain or other livestock feeds to help you to better drought-proof your property and make it easier for you to store, stockpile and invest in fodder.

Waste management methods for livestock barns

If you own cattle or another type of livestock, it's likely that you have or need a customised barn to house these animals from time to time. Whether for milking, shelter from the weather or perhaps as a stable for your horses, the range of buildings from Shed Boss Fleurieu can help you create an ideal […]

Minimising hazards in your shed

If you have used Shed Boss to create a custom-built workplace shed, chances are you'll need to prepare a lot of safety measures for the day-to-day operation of the area. Whether you're conducting metalwork or using dangerous chemicals, there can be many hazards from within and without the shed – here are some factors that […]

2 key tips to stay on top of your shed

Building with Shed Boss is a sure-fire way to get not just a strong, durable product, but also to get the best service possible from locals who know the materials and know what you need. Our sheds are built to last against the Australian elements thanks to the specialist Morinda™ bracket system and COLORBOND™ cladding, […]

Have you considered a shed for your grain storage?

We all know how fraught with danger the Australian weather cycles can be, especially for those who rely on crops and stock for their livelihood. That's why it's crucial to make sure your wellbeing is protected, and get the right storage options for those precious crop yields. Cyclones, floods and drought can all impact your […]

Prevent fires: Steps to avoid dangerous situations in your custom shed

Building a custom designed shed for your farming needs is a great way to increase your overall storage and facilitate the growth of your agriculture business. However, one thing that everyone needs to be aware of and take into consideration is the danger of fire, especially in rural areas. Taking preventative steps to reduce the […]

Building for livestock

We understand that creating a rural shed or barn means accounting for a number of variables, and nowhere is this more true than when it comes to rural sheds used to house livestock. Determining use Before you start designing your rural shed or barn, you must determine how the building will be used. This means accounting for what […]

Building the best barn

The days of a barn just being a plain wooden structure are far behind us. Whether you need to house animals or store valuable assets like farming equipment, a modern, well-made barn can meet your needs and add value to your real estate. Site is essential Building to suit a specific site is always an important […]