Is your shed home to valuable equipment? Do you store any vehicles, tools, materials or even prized family possessions? How hard would it be for a thief to roll your motorbike out into the night? How much did that drill set you back? Sheds may be made of tough steel and concrete, but would-be thieves […]

4 things sheds have in common with relationships

Now, we know sheds and romance don't exactly go hand in hand. In fact, if you were to get your significant other a custom designed shed for Valentine's day then we think they might even be a little angry you didn't get them flowers! But that doesn't mean that romance and our outstanding products don't […]

Protecting your shed: What types of security measures should you consider?

After you take the time to invest in your own custom designed shed from Shed Boss Fleurieu, you may start to think about the best way to protect your investment from being tampered with or broken into. After all, security is a major part of owning property and ensuring you take the right steps toward […]

What are the benefits of an electric garage door?

Nowadays automation is one of the main selling points for most technologies and installations around your home. Whether it be clapping to operate your lights, hooking everything up to a universal remote or having your air conditioner set to an appropriate temperature as soon as you walk in the door – the future is already […]

Keeping your shed safe and secure

Whether your commercial sheds are being used as custom designed workshops, automotive garages, office spaces or anything in between, chances are security will be one of your chief concerns. We here at Shed Boss understand how important it is to keep your construction safe, which is why we use premium quality materials like heavy steel galvanised […]