The benefits of having a concrete floor with Shed Boss

When you build with Shed Boss Fleurieu, there's a lot you can count on: Strong design, fantastic Morinda™ bracketry, a commitment from our staff to meet your vision for what a shed should be – and also a sound, strong foundation of concrete. The concrete slab forms a fundamental part of the strength of our buildings, and […]

FAQAC: Frequently asked questions about concrete

A solid, well-made concrete foundation can make all the difference for your custom designed barn, shed or garage's life span. You can't just get a mixing truck, pour a load of concrete on your site and call it a day. There is a certain artistry to this part of the construction process, and you could […]

How long will my custom shed or garage actually last?

When investing in a brand new barn, commercial shed or other custom designed Shed Boss building, its looks and specifications aren't the only thing you should be concerned about. In fact, the life span of the product is arguably of equal importance. After all, to get the most use out a building, it needs to […]

Why Shed Boss stands up to the outback

Many people who engage Shed Boss for an industrial shed are doing so because they want something built strong and built right. Our team of professionals work together to bring you an excellent product, something that will withstand the elements – and this goes for those products built in the rugged Australian outback as well. […]