The importance of brand colours in business buildings

In an increasingly competitive global market, maintaining a unique and strong brand can dramatically help a business stay at the forefront of consumer's thoughts.

Colour psychology is frequently used in marketing and branding, helping businesses establish their image in the minds of consumers. Companies carefully choose the colours for their logo or brand, consulting with experts to research the effects and impact of various shades.

In time, certain colours can become synonymous with the product, such as Cadbury's purple and Coca-Cola's red. However, to achieve this level of brand recognition, it helps to immerse many aspects of the business in the brand colour, ranging from things as small as business cards to as big as the walls of the commercial office buildings themselves.

Think creatively about all the different visual cues customers and clients see, such as the office reception, building architecture, and the shape and style of all the other structures on the property, including industrial sheds or hangars. A great way to make a lasting impression is to have uniformity of brand colours – or tones that match or complement these hues – dotted throughout all the business buildings.

Impact of business brand colours

In an article titled 'Impact of color on marketing' published in the 2006 Management Decision journal, authors noted people make up their minds about a product or person within the first 90 seconds of their initial interaction, and that between 62 and 90 per cent of their judgement is based on colours. Needless to say, picking a charming colour for a business brand is crucial.

People make up their minds within 90 seconds of their first interaction with a product or a person, and between 62 and 90 per cent of their judgement is based on colours.

Impressing customers and clients with bright, cheerful colours can help to subconsciously instil positive connotations of the business in their minds. However, the colours selected must resonate with the personality of the business.

Gregory Ciotti, a marketing strategist and contributing writer for The Entrepreneur, emphasised this point by stating "it's the feeling, mood, and image that your brand creates that play a role in persuasion" but ultimately the best results only occur "when they can be used to match a brand's desired personality."

Due to this, take some time to really consider what colours would complement the ethos of your business. Once they are chosen, ensuring that they are cleverly distributed throughout the office and on the property as a whole can maximise the impact.

For instance, painting a feature wall in the office reception in the iconic brand colours can create a welcoming atmosphere for customers and clients, as well as showcase the company's identity right from the entrance.

Cohesion is important when it comes to decorating business buildings in line with their brand, and so adding drapes, curtains, chairs, sofas or rugs in similar shades can create a space of colourist harmony.

But often the office reception is not the very first thing clients see. Rather, they observe the architecture and all that surrounds it, including the style and colours of any sheds in the area. This is where Shed Boss Fleurieu can help, offering businesses an opportunity to craft custom designed sheds with a range of colours to choose from.

Cohesion with COLORBOND® steel

Because COLORBOND® steel comes in a diverse spectrum of shades, there is sure to be a hue to match your business brand colours. We have both a Contemporary and Classic collection, complete with various iterations of red, blue, green and neutrals such as black, white, beige and grey.

There are also additional colours available for fencing the property, so those first 90 seconds can really be used to their full potential when customers make their assessment on the business.

Use colour psychology to help your business brand be memorable.

Use colour psychology to help your business brand be memorable.

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