The importance of insulation

One building component that often gets overlooked by consumers is the importance of insulation.

According to Living Greener, half of the energy Australians use to heat or cool their buildings can leak out without insulation. That means that not only can insulation keep hot or cold air in your space, it can reduce the need for heating and cooling systems. In turn, this saves you money, helps the environment and makes your space more comfortable.

When it comes to custom designed sheds, there are plenty of insulation options, including products specifically made for steel frame construction.

Getting started right

It's said that the best time to install insulation is when your building is first being constructed, so it only makes sense to allow the professionals at Shed Boss assist you with your insulation needs. Our talented designers will incorporate insulation into your custom designed shed.

More importantly we'll help you meet any and all insulation regulations put in place by the Building Code of Australia. This means making sure insulation meets the minimum requirements for R-Values and that there is proper clearance around electrical wires and appliances.

Added benefits

Besides making your shed more comfortable and offering the chance to reduce energy bills, insulation comes with a few other bonuses.

First, it can help sound-proof a space. If you're worried about loud noise leaking out from a workshop or garage, insulation can help lessen the chance of noise pollution.

Secondly, depending on the type of insulation you use, it can also make a building more fire-resistant.

In the end, the choice is up to you. But we here at Shed Boss are happy to help our clients every step of the way, from designs and insulation to a great-looking finished product.

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