The mighty man cave

Gentlemen, while your wives are away, what are you to do? Why, grab some beers and call a few friends over to hang out in your man cave of course!

We've talked plenty about 'she sheds', the female equivalent to a man cave, but now it's time to focus on the original habitants of sheds.

There are now many ways you can revolutionise the common garden shed to create a manly space to call your own that benefits not just your quality of life, but also your health and well-being.

Here are a few reasons why you need to add a man cave to your life, or rather, garden.

The power of the shed

The beauty of being able to custom design your own shed is that you don't have to follow the constraints of a regular house. Beer fridge within arm's reach of your couch? Why not? Television at optimum distance for slouching and away from the glare of the sun? Sure!

With summer on its way, choose lighter COLORBOND® steel colours to reflect the heat from the sun. Add an awning or two so you can enjoy a drink with a gentle breeze. We can help to create the coolest man cave to invite your buddies over for a chilled beer or two.

You can do this, and more, from inside your own man cave!

You can do this, and more, from inside your own man cave!

Mighty shed, mighty health

Sheds have also been proven to be good for men's health. A research report for Lancaster University's Centre for Ageing Research found that men tended to have only half the potential of life years than that of women in later stages of life. Recovery from illness, disability and poor mental health were also commonly noted in older males, partly impacted by social stress and loneliness.

In order to reduce numbers of marginalised and socially isolated males, the Australian Men's Shed Association was created. The idea behind this initiative was to create "meeting places where men can find social support and camaraderie", according to the Australian Department of Health. Bringing men together in a place of community and support improves self-esteem and enhances health and wellbeing.

Another use of these community sheds is to provide easier access to health information for males. The Australian Psychological Society states that men are less likely than women to seek medical help or information. A survey conducted by beyondblue, a provider of health information resources, found that 65 per cent of males found these resources useful to have around the communal sheds.

This could be the look of your manly retreat!

This could be the look of your manly retreat!

Man your own space

At Shed Boss, we can help you build your own custom designed shed to create the mightiest man cave that ever existed. A place to call your own that's away from any feminine presence. Because just like them, you each need your own place to relax and rewind, and to either enjoy either the peace of your own thoughts or the sounds of friends chatting.

The magic of a custom designed shed gives you the power to do just that – custom design. The Shed Boss app allows you to choose the best measurements to accommodate for all your manly needs. This handy app can be accessed through your smartphone or your PC. Add walls to your fancy, whether you desire one large open room or plenty of smaller sections.

Do you intend to put a double-decker sofa in there? Or perhaps a wide-screen television? You can add both, as long as the size of your back garden allows it.

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