The power of a shared commercial shed

As the price of real estate in capital cities across Australia continues to rise, more and more people are seeking affordable property. Just to highlight this – the Australian Bureau of Statistics showed that across 2014, home prices in capital cities in Australia rose by 6.8 per cent on average! One option that remains available to many people is living out of the CBD, but this can raise certain challenges for people, such as proximity to necessary public services and shopping areas.

Another challenge that faces many is the commute to work in town, which can become prohibitive. However, there is an easy solution for this: The home office. Commercial sheds are a very popular construction across Australia, and they can provide a sturdy, beautiful structure in which any office space can be created. With customisable walls, windows, doors, partitions, and ventilation, the team at Shed Boss Fleurieu can build a great space for your working needs.

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While the rural commercial office space is excellent for working remotely, there are more ways that you can benefit yourself and others by using a rural remote office. A Stanford University study from last year showed that while people got more work done when doing it from home, they did this less efficiently that when they were around other people.

Meanwhile, another study from Stanford's Graduate School of Business showed that teamwork can help people boost their productivity. But you can't combine those home comforts with the teamwork of the office to get more work done in a way that suits you, can you?

Think again!

There's a fantastic initiative coming out of Sweden at the moment, called Hoffice. This is where groups of people who live in the same area get together, with one person using their home or space as a remote office. People work together in the space, comparing productivity for some incentive, and having spare rooms for phone calls. It allows people to conduct remote office activities in an area much closer to their home – perfect for those who want to live further out of the CBD without giving up their work!

Of course, this will not be something that works for everyone. But if this initiative is something that might be functional for your area, absolutely consider speaking to the team at Shed Boss Fleurieu. Our range of custom designed sheds and garages can be tailored to your needs, and outfitted with everything you need for a Hoffice-style setup.

These can be excellent social hubs, boost productivity and allow people the comfort of working from a home-styled space.

What do you need?

To have a collaborative commercial shed space and use it as a shared office, you will obviously need enough space for people to work. Exactly how many people depends on who lives near you and is in the same situation!

On top of this, natural light is a must – we can provide our advice on the use of skylights, windows and LED lighting. Tables, electricity, partitions, heating, cooling and comfort will all be base factors to keep an eye on. Part of the Hoffice way seems to be making a practical but very comfortable space for people to work and collaborate!

We can give you quotes and advice on how a custom designed commercial shed can work on your land, and run you through the Council Development Approval you would need and how long the design and construction takes. We'll walk through every step of the process with you, and even handle the procurement of any Development Approvals you need.

Get that work-life balance back in your favour, and think about a shed as a collaborative home office today.

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