If you’ve never owned a shed you might be wondering what all the fuss is about. What’s so great about owning a big out building anyway? Isn’t it just a place for cardboard boxes and things you don’t have a place for? Or is there more to it than that?

At Shedboss, we like to think of it as an extension of your lifestyle. Today we’d like to list a few reasons why a shed is more than just a storage place and show you the side to shed ownership you may not have thought of.

1. Sheds attract mates.

Every State of Origin, every Grand Final and every weekend. If you’re a bloke with mates who like to get together over a few beers, all you need is a big screen and a small fridge and the whole world revolves around you and your shed.

2. You can create your own private domain.

Man Caves and She Sheds are in! We all need a place to escape the stress of daily life and your shed is your own private part of the world. It can be anything you want it to be. From a cozy wooden reading cabin to an ultra-modern minimalist design studio. It’s your world and it’s yours to make your own.

3. You can explore your talents.

From blacksmithing to crafting. From boat building to boat paintings. Whatever your hidden talents, your shed gives you a place to be messy and creative. You don’t need to worry about the arc welder setting the living room curtains on fire, which means you’re free to explore your creative side.

4. You can expand your hobbies.

One thing a shed is great for is providing a place for you to access the things you love to do. For instance, let’s say you like to fish. Keeping your bass boat at the marina is expensive and retrieving it cuts into the time you could spend out there on the lake. Whether it be kayaking, home brewing, working out, flower pressing or anything else, the shed offers you a place to keep the tools of your pastime at the ready whenever the mood takes you.

5. You can increase the value of your property.

Storage space is in high demand. A well-designed and strategically thought out shed can possibly add a zero to the value of your property in the right market. Ask any estate agent out there. It’s one of the first things they’ll list when they’re writing the ad.

6. You could start a business in a shed.

Lots of businesses have gotten their start in a humble place. Apple started in a garage. Trek bicycles started in a flat red barn. Sheds are where the seeds of dreams are planted.

7. You can grow your business in a shed.

Your small home business could turn into a big home business. Alternatively, if you’re an established business, Shed space offers you the flexibility to add product lines and diversify.

8. You will join an exclusive group

Above all, owning a shed means you’re someone like us. You love getting the most out of your property and your life. It’s is like a membership to an exclusive club of sheddies around the world. Not everyone gets us, and that’s ok. They just don’t know what they’re missing out on.

So, if you think sheds are all about piles of old things, think again. If you want Shedboss to build you a place you can do more in, talk to us.

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