How can you tell if you're getting thin tin?

Are you getting thin tin? Insist on Base Metal Thickness (BMT) to manage your risk.

The steel used in your shed should be measured as BMT (Base Metal Thickness), which is entirely structural material. Some suppliers give measurements as TCT (Total Coated Thickness), which includes coatings, about 0.05mm of extra thickness.

This means that a BMT of 0.37mm and a TCT of 0.42 mm could be describing the same quality and base metal thickness of steel.

Make sure you know the difference as different suppliers describe materials using different terms.

  • Shed Boss follows best Australian practice by using a minimum of 0.42 BMT (Base Metal Thickness) high tensile steel for roofs and walls. Some manufacturers only use 0.30mm - even on the roof!
  • All Shed Boss are built strong using  BlueScope Steel. Our proposals and quotations specify the cladding thickness as "BMT"  and comply with Australian Standards for loads.


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