Thorough sheds for thoroughbreds

If you own horses in rural Australia, you'll already know the ins and out of making sure they are well-cared for and have a great stable. But we know weather can be a hassle, and there are always items we overlook when creating a safe space for our animals. Here are three things to keep in mind if you're building a customised run-in shed for your stock.

Keep enough room for everyone

Your horses need enough room to rest and recharge in this shed. Some horses are more headstrong than others, so having space for shier animals to relax might be necessary, depending on what your band is like. The NSW Department of Primary Industries recommends a stable size of 3.7 by 4.9 metres per horse, with a height of about 2.75 metres. Feel free to go bigger than this if you want a roomier feel for your animals.

Starting at the bottom floor

Determining what floor material to use can be a difficult decision – while a concrete floor is easiest to keep clean, you run the risk of it becoming slippery and a possible hazard for your horses. Dirt or straw bases on the floor will be safer and create a warmer environment, but require vigilance in fixing rough patches. Make sure to have your floor set up for easy effluent drainage as well.

Keeping it quiet

With internal columns, high roofs and the excellent Morinda™ glove bracket system we use in our sheds, you can rest easy knowing your horses will be doing the same. A sturdy shed is one that stays calm and quiet during more intense weather, reducing the risk that the wind will spook the horses.

Feel free to contact the team at Shed Boss Fleurieu if you have any questions about how our sheds can cater to your needs; or design your shed online and request a quote using the Shed Boss App.

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