Time for a shed for your caravan or boat?

Consider - how will you be using your caravan whilst it's in the shed?

Daylight Openings

Daylight openings (also referred to as "DLO") refers to the actual height and width clearance through the roller door.

How much room do I need for my caravan?

The best way to design a custom shed for your caravan, is to think inside out.  The overall outer dimensions will be determined by how you are using the space inside.

First, take into account the dimensions of your cavavan, including the draw bar. However,  keep in mind the caravan "travel length and height" does not take into account any "opened" pop top or expanda caravans, so you'll need to take this into account.

Once you have the overall footprint of your caravan, think about how much storage space you'll need to the front, back and side of your van.  A great way to visualise the use of your space is to sketch a scaled floor plan, with your caravan, storage shelfs and walk ways all shown on your plan.

If you're planning on using your shed to garage your vehicles as well, the minimum area you'll need to each car is 3m wide by 6m length.

We find that themost common shed bay size for caravans is 3.0m wide x 9m long, however when it comes to our range of custom designed and built sheds, you're not limited to a "set size". This allows you to maximise the available space on your property, and ensure you get a shed that suits your needs exactly. With a box gutter and rainhead, we can even build on the boundary - so your shed wall can replace your fence line.

Roller door options

One single roller door is ideal, instead of two single roller doors.

Power required for caravan

Upstand for grey water. Black water will need to connect to sewer, DA required.

Use of skylights - does it prevent UV rays from damaging rubber?

Tips for storing your caravan

If connecting to power at home, ensure that the power point is a 15 AMP installation. Most households would only have 10 AMP outlets. If necessary, engage a licensed electrician to install a 15 AMP outlet. It is both illegal and dangerous to operate 15 AMP caravans off of a 10 AMP supply.

Having water nearby - to clean, and fill up water tanks. Consider in line filter for drinking water.

Contact your insurer after you built shed - could get a cheaper premium



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