Should you consider welded brackets in your shed?

A structurally sound shed requires building materials that will stand up to the elements. That's why we at Shed Boss utilise only the finest building materials in addition to our patented shed building system designs.

  • Our bracketry is WELD FREE and  feature the exclusive Shed Boss Morinda™ glove section.
  • Shed Boss Morinda™ brackets are  non-welded, corrosion-free, and are fully wrapped around, providing your construction with excellent strength and durability.
  • What's more, Shed Boss Morinda™  brackets are  galvanised . The Galvanisers​ Association of Australia says that this is a cost-efficient, sturdy and corrosion-resistant method of protecting joints. This makes it an ideal answer to your concerns about the strength and safety of your custom designed shed.
  • Designed to fit like a glove, combining both bolt and screw connections, the Morinda™ knee and apex joins are voted the best in the industry. It's "glove tight" design ensures engineering integrity. Learn more

Disadvantages of welded joints in your shed, carport or barn

If you're considering welded brackets for your shed, be aware that if the weld is onto relatively thin "C" Purlin (under 4mm) the heat of the weld can melt the purlin. Whilst this may not be noticeable to the naked eye, when viewed under microscope a trough is often revealed to be two thirds the thickness of the purlin.

Plus, welding can also destroy the protective steel galvanising  due to the zinc is vaporising  near the welding arc (zinc boils before the steel melts). The zinc oxidises into a fine white powder, and such fumes can cause "metal fume fever" including irritation to the eyes, nose and throat.

Some shed suppliers and manufactures who still persist with welded bracketry and connections sometimes use very cheap silver frost paint as rust protection which can also mask defects like internal air pockets, slag inclusion, and cracks -  which can eventually cause the joint to fail catastrophically (see image below)



Don't Risk It - Welding

Example of a welded section failing.


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