What are the advantages of a gable roof?

When creating a customised shed design with Shed Boss Fleurieu, you have a wide array of building types at your disposal, including the option to have a gabled roof. This is a sloping style roof, generally with two sides that meet in a peak in the middle – a traditional shape that you will see in many homes and sheds.

But why in particular might you want to use this kind of roofing when you decide to build a shed? While we touched on it briefly in the profile of the different building types available in the Shed Boss App, it is well worth looking at certain elements in more depth. Here are some of the benefits you can get from working with the gable style.

Low cost

As the gable roof is effectively two large pieces slanted together and attached, it is a very simple design – which forms a large part of its popularity. With minimal materials required compared to some other styles of roofing, it is a cost-effective way of putting cover on the top of your shed. As it is incredibly common, the high demand helps to keep the cost of production down as well – making it a great and affordable option for you.

Weather resistance

Whether you decide to have a steep pitch or for your gable to be more level, the gable roof will still have the sloping on either side. This performs a great function in that it diverts rain, sleet and snow away from your shed, preventing heavy build-ups of natural material that could be a heavy load in the long-term.

This weather will simply run off the edges off your roof, providing a good level of protection and a natural displacement system for your customised barn or shed. This is particularly useful if you want to build a shed in some of the more high-altitude areas of Australia, where it is more likely that you will face snowfalls in winter. And of course, it is well-suited for those numerous areas of Australia that face a lot of rain.

Gable Roof Shed Boss Shed: 9L x 7.5W x 3H and elegant in Colorbond Monument

Gable Roof Shed Boss Shed: 9L x 7.5W x 3H and elegant in Colorbond Monument

The space it offers

When you construct a shed with a gable roof, you are giving yourself that little bit of extra space that could make all the difference. A vaulted ceiling is not just visually impressive from the inside of a shed, it is a way of adding space and value where you otherwise might not have.

By installing a mezzanine floor you might be able to take advantage of this space and create an attic area, or perhaps just add more storage room.


Make the most of the space with a mezzanine floor

Make the most of the space with a mezzanine floor


A gable roof does not just offer shelter, protection and space, it is also a very visually appealing style of roof. When combined with the wide range of COLORBOND shades and tones that are available when you work with Shed Boss, you can create a functional and beautiful construction on your property.

Whether you want to blend in with lush greenery or match the rugged beauty of the glowing red outback, there will be a colour tone to make your gable roof shine.

Customised pitch

As mentioned above, with the gabled roof on a Shed Boss custom designed shed you are able to change the pitch and slope of the steel roofing. By changing the dimensions of the building and the degree at which it sits, you can create a gable roof that matches your wants and needs wonderfully.

With so many great details that a gable roof can bring to your property, it is something anyone serious about making a shed should consider. You can add space, value and a great deal of beauty with just a few simple clicks of a button by checking out gable options in the Shed Boss App as well.

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