When do you need approval for a shed?

Building a custom-designed garage or shed can be great for a wide range of purposes, whether you are housing some tools or creating a large commercial space. But no matter the purpose, it is important to pay attention to regulations and work out if you need development approval.

As each of the 68 local council areas in South Australia has their own Development Plan,  it's important to do your research and make sure your shed adheres to their rules.

Meticulous measurements

In South Australia, buildings will require approval if their dimensions exceed :

  • 2.5m above the natural height level
  • Larger than 15m2 in area
  • Span (i.e. width) is greater than 3 metres

Alternatively, you can talk to Shed Boss about your options.  We can also take care of the complete project (including approvals), and don't forget to check out our Shed Boss App to start to bring your vision to life!

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