Which COLORBOND® steel colour is right for your shed? [VIDEO]

Which COLORBOND® steel colour is right for your shed? [VIDEO]

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With a wide variety of COLORBOND® steel colours on offer, your custom designed shed can shimmer and shine in style. Here’s a handy guide that matches colours to different styles, so your garden or storage shed can look good next to your home.

In fact, you can use these same colour tips while designing a residential shed to live inside. Alternating colours for the roof and walls can make it look more homely.

For a country styled home, you’re better off choosing warm COLORBOND® hues such as MANOR RED®, TERRAIN® or JASPER®. The reddish, brown tones of these steel colours will glint like bronze in the sunshine.

On the other hand, for a sleek modern home, you’d probably be better off selecting cool colours to complement the contemporary vibe. Shades such as BASALT™, SHALE GREY™, WALLABY™ and COVE™ come in tones of grey, silver or gunmetal black that would suit the style of a modern house.

Feel free to mix and match from the Classic and Contemporary colour ranges, especially to create patterns or geometric design features. For example, your garaport roof could be in the same dark steel colour as the main gable roof of a shed, but the walls can be a lighter tone, resembling the look of a house.

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