Who does Shed Boss work with?

When you engage Shed Boss for a custom design on your barn, carport or shed product you don't just get our excellent service and efficiency. You're getting the backing of a series of authorities that all have approved our work from a number of angles.

So who are some of the people or businesses that have gotten behind Shed Boss to back us up? Let's have a look.

The Australian Steel Institute

Shed Boss is ShedSafe™ accredited, which means we have this third party accreditation that has become a standard for the shed industry. This is organised by the Australian Steel Institute, who promote safety standards and best practice in the steel industry.

With the ShedSafe™ seal of approval, the industry voice for steel has said that our products are safe and worth your time - so you know that Shed Boss is a name you can trust.


With production of COLORBOND® steel beginning in England in 1843, this provider has a long and rich history. This famous name in steel now says it provides the material for the roofing of nearly half of all new homes in the country, having set up shop in Australia in 1966. An Erskine Park factory is designed to produce 120,000 tonnes of steel each year.

At Shed Boss, we use COLORBOND® steel in our constructions, yet another well-established name that we work with to build your product.

These are just two fantastic names that are affiliated with the Shed Boss brand. We also exclusively use Morinda™  bracketry joints for safety in our constructions, and use a wide range of local contractors and professionals during the actual construction of the shed product depending on the location of the work.

To find out what your custom design might look like with the help of these great names, you can try out the new Shed Boss App.

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