Why one of our commercial sheds is perfect as an office space

In the year from June 2013 to 2014, the number of Australian businesses steadily increased. The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) has found that business entry rates went up while exit rates decreased. The majority of these businesses have four employees or less, so instead of hiring out an expensive office space, why not look at building your own affordable commercial shed?

With one of our commercial sheds, you can sit back as your local Shed Boss Fleurieu team handle all aspects of the construction process, from Council approvals to completion.

This is great as you can have your own 'home' office, segregated from the distractions you'll encounter at home, with necessities such as power and water close at hand. You won't have to dash back and forth between your house and your custom designed office to grab a cup of tea, and you'll avoid the awkward extension lines stretching from your home.

Power to the shed

Using heavy-galvanised steel might seem like it'll be frosty cold in winter and sweltering in the summer, but you'll be surprised how versatile your shed office can be.

There are plenty of extra features you can add to your shed to create the ideal office atmosphere. They've been discussed in depth plenty of times, but here are a few add-ons you should definitely consider when designing your commercial shed.

Electricity means you can use fans and heaters in your commercial shed for optimum productivity temperatures.

Electricity on hand also allows you to work through all types of weather, ensuring the shed is the perfect temperature to suit your needs. You can implement heaters and fans to help keep the temperature at optimum productivity levels for you and any employees that will be using the space.

Of course, a powered commercial shed doesn't just have to be for an office. If you need a workshop, then a commercial shed is perfect for you.

Your machinery will continue to operate flawlessly with direct electricity, and insulation will cancel exterior noise to help you work as well as maintain peace and quiet between you and your neighbours. You can choose the perfect size of your shed with our Shed Boss app to ensure that all your machines will fit inside.

A few features you should consider for your workshop are:

  • Automatic roller doors – for easy access if you need to constantly move machinery.
  • Vermin flashing – so you're not sharing your workspace with unwanted rodents.
  • Mezzanine floor – to provide more space for work or storage. This is perfect for larger commercial sheds.
A small table and coffee on hand is what you'll get in your custom designed shed office!

A small table and coffee on hand is what you'll get in your custom designed shed office!

Make the most of your space

Make the most of your shed - you can create your shed as large as your land allows it. As mentioned before, mezzanine floors add an additional level.

For an office, a fold-away desk will create extra space, and a small table lamp combined with a skylight should provide plenty of light, meaning you don't need huge floor lamps.

This space also doesn't have to be for your own business. Set it up as a workshop or an office and hire it out to someone else – it'll be cost-effective and local for them while bringing in a stream of income to you.

Our top-quality steel comes with a fire rating so that you know it will be safe for whoever uses the shed. Be part of the 90 per cent of Australians in separate houses who have a fire safety measure in place, as stated by the ABS. This is crucial to safety as there are increased risks of fire when in close proximity to other buildings.

At Shed Boss, you'll know that you're getting an office that'll last you throughout the tests of Australian weather. Get a free quote for your ideal commercial shed.

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