How to store wine in a shed

Despite being a tale as old as time, not everyone in today's world or property market is able to have the space in their house for a wine cellar. However, have you considered a custom designed shed to serve this purpose? With sizes able to be stretched and shortened to suit your property, a Shed Boss product could be just what you need to house a wine collection, provided you can get certain controls done right.

Turn out the lights

If your wine bottles are made from clear glass, then they run the risk of light spoilage. The ultraviolet rays of the sun can be harmful to the product, which is obviously not what you want when you're storing it until it peaks in quality. If you take a look at the Shed Boss App available on our website or at the Android and Apple app stores, you'll see what we have a wide range of options that can help with this when it comes to building a shed.

You choose whether or not to add windows and skylights, meaning you can create a cool space. Customisable internal walls in our sheds also make for an easy separate space to store wine – you could even install a mezzanine to keep bottles out of sight and out of the way.

Keep It Cool

The general guideline for the temperature you should keep your wine at is 55 degrees fahrenheit, which is just above 12 degrees Celsius. While it does not have to be this exact temperature, keeping fluctuations to a minimum is important for ensuring your wines age with grace. This can take some work, but there are additional features you can add to your custom designed shed that can help regulate the heat.

Firstly, whirlybirds can manage airflow in your shed, but also require wind to function consistently. If your shed is located in a cooler area, then insulation in the walls could be a necessary step.

Of course, a dedicated wine cabinet with a regulated temperature could be an option if you get power hooked up to your custom designed shed.

Bad vibrations

Vibrations can cause sediment to jump around in your wine bottles, which doesn't let them settle and grow into the future classic drops you want them to be. That means a steady, stable environment is good for your wines. With strong Morinda™ brackets holding your construction together, Shed Boss is dedicated to professionally building your custom designed shed strong and safe. This means a sturdy structure that stands up to the elements, ideally creating a secure space for your wine.

You can use a shed for whatever you like, really. But if your heart is set on creating a fantastic wine collection, a residential or industrial shed may offer a solution that is right up your alley.

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