Your ultimate COLORBOND® steel colour guide

Welcome to Shed Boss' ultimate COLORBOND® steel colour guide!

This guide provides the whole range of 22 steel colours compiled into one handy list, separated according to classic and contemporary shades. It gives you an idea of the colours available for you to custom design your Shed Boss structure on the Shed Boss app.

Our app offers a 3D depiction of your dream building. You can customise a Shed Boss structure within the app, and find the right colours to match to your home's COLORBOND® steel roof, gutters and fence. This allows you to make the best decision before settling for something permanent.

It is important to us that you choose a colour you will be happy with as we build strong and build right to withstand the ever-changing Australian elements with a 15-year COLORBOND® steel warranty.

We hope that you find this guide useful when considering the best colours to use on your custom designed Shed Boss structure.

You can match multiple Shed Boss buildings to the same colour scheme!

You can match your shed colour scheme to your house


Classic Cream® – Pale but warm, this yellow that can brighten up a room. Its neutral properties will allow it to complement almost any other colour, making it a popular, conservative choice.

Cottage Green® – A vibrant jade colour that is rich and deep. It invokes tranquillity and peacefulness with its lush green tone.

Deep Ocean® – Strong and solid, this dark, blue slate colour is inspired by the depths of the vast ocean.

Manor Red® – This is a deep red with hints of grape. This warm colour emulates the earth of the Australian Outback, and would look good beside a brick-and-tile home.

Night Sky® – Neutral and sophisticated, this black cuts a striking image of your custom designed shed or garage. Perfect to complement lighter colours without being too harsh.

Pale Eucalypt® – A muted grey-green that reflects Australian gum. COLORBOND® quotes it as "a favoured choice for Australian homes".

Paperbark® – This light yellow has warm hints of greens and browns. This is the perfect choice to match any environment.

Woodland Grey® – This dark grey-based green echoes the canopy of eucalyptus trees. It is strong and reliable and complements warm colours.


Basalt® – This strong grey that is powerful and solid, like the rock it is named after. This ties buildings down to the earth with its modern hue.

Cove® – A grey-yellow blend that is similar to Paperbark®, but with less sunny undertones. This exudes warmth and is a welcoming colour for your residential dwelling.

Dune® – Subtle green tints make this more than just a dusty grey. This will create a nice balance of colour on your property.

Evening Haze® – The cooler companion of Cove®, this medium pistachio green evokes imagery of Australia's coastal landscape.

Gully® – A deep grey with a base of brown, this is inspired by the rich riverbeds that are found all around Australia.

Ironstone® – Blue and purple hues tint this dark steely colour. COLORBOND® explains that it comes from stormy skies and distant mountains.

Jasper® – This is a medium brown with a smudge of green. It conjures up memories of aged wood and dark sand.

Mangrove® – A dusky green with grey and yellow undertones. It will complement the landscape with its vibrancy.

Shale Grey® – Reminiscent of the silvery leaves found in native flora and the mist emanating from a beach, this pale grey is a the perfect neutral tone to rest your eyes.

Surf mist® – A fresh off-white with hints of green. It will provide your building with a vintage and natural look yet still feel contemporary.

Terrain® – This rich, rusty brown is embedded with red tones. It possesses authentic and honest qualities with its warm chocolate-like hue.

Wallaby® – An earthy grey with slight hints of brown to soften this colour. COLORBOND® explains that is ideal for commercial buildings with its versatile hue.

Windspray® – A monochromatic grey with the faintest blue undertone. Perfect to create that classic look for your custom designed shed or garage.

Choose the best COLORBOND steel colour to represent a certain mood.

Choose the best COLORBOND® steel colour to represent a certain mood.

Consider colour psychology when you make a choice

It is important that you know which colours are best suited to your structure and the impact that specific COLORBOND® colours can have on it.

Consider the concepts that can be associated with each colour. For example, the Society for Personality and Social Psychology has found that the colour green invokes ideas of fertility and growth. A study they conducted showed that a glimpse of the colour green prior to a task facilitated creativity and innovation. They also explain that previous studies have revealed a link between the colour red and analytical behaviour.

The University of Winnipeg, Canada, explains how colour is used in marketing. For your commercial shed or garage, choose your steel colours wisely because as the study explains, the meanings associated with specific colours can be used to promote your business and will impact the thoughts and behaviours of your consumers. Colours can increase sales by creating an atmosphere, promoting a mood, changing the perception of time and even affecting the appetite of customers.

However, the intentions of colours also change depending on geographic region and the customer demographic. Make sure you know what works and what doesn't. Your local Shed Boss Fleurieu team can help you make the best decision.

By choosing BlueScope COLORBOND® steel, you are choosing Australian. Your decision will support local builders and suppliers, which benefits the Australian economy.

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